Leveraging the Social Conversation to Enhance Customer Experience

Heather Anderson, executive editor, Credit Union Times

Most people spend more time interacting with fellow members of a shared common social bond on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter, than they do talking to their neighbors. The social bond is real. That’s why I think social media channels are an excellent place to get inside your customers’ mindset.

Social outlets provide a unique opportunity to get to know your customer or audience. These platforms enable users to freely express their thoughts, opinions and, unfortunately, sometimes their unhappiness with brands. Find out which platform they prefer and are most active on and listen to their conversations.

What can you glean from these conversations your customers are having that will help make you a better partner? New product innovations, possible strategic partnership or brand extensions all could result from the mining of customers’ conversations if you are willing to listen.

As a single working mom, who is also a foodie, the meal delivery service Blue Apron lets me try new dishes, learn new techniques and saves me from taking my five-year-old to the grocery store. The Blue Apron teams are pros at mining their social media communities to improve the customer experience – it’s obvious they are listening and taking appropriate actions. For example, chatter from their fans on the importance of reducing the environmental footprint led to a strategic partnership with the USPS to return meal packaging to Blue Apron recycling centers and new branded content opportunity in “upcycle” tips on creative ways to reuse packaging at home. Customer Experience has evolved beyond simple product interactions to include bonding over shared ideas, experiences and causes. Talk about a chance to deliver a more value-driven, immersive customer experience!

Here at Credit Union Times, we’ve been “listening in” and leveraging online conversations for years. A reader debate across our social media channels over why more women aren’t being promoted to the corner office led to the creation of a Women to Watch recognition program. Now in its fifth year, the program features a mix of emerging and longtime female industry leaders. Many of our honorees have moved up the ranks or launched their own businesses to better serve the industry. I think that’s a win all around.

What ways are you leveraging your social channels to provide innovative and improved customer experiences?

Heather Anderson