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Are Your Firm’s Future Leaders Ready to Pitch for Business?

It’s 2018 and yet it’s still easy to become demoralized looking at gender diversity stats in the legal profession … particularly in Big Law … particularly in practice areas that haven’t historically been welcoming of women.

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Overcoming the Hurdles to Client Transition

As the baby boomer generation readies to retire, law firms face an existential crisis. If the work those senior lawyers hold isn’t transferred to more junior attorneys, a substantial chunk of firm revenue could walk out the door for good.

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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who’s The Fairest Law Firm of All?

In a lot of ways, law firms can be like those awkward adolescent years: growing faster than they can handle, not sure of their place in the world, wanting to be like the other guy.

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Top Trends Driving the Business of Law in a VUCA World

With increasing challenges afoot in today’s business environment - such as the tumultuous political climate, economic uncertainty, regulatory changes, and privacy concerns – CEOs (myself included) are collaborating across the company’s various business divisions to solve problems companywide. This multifaceted approach is not necessarily a new idea among business leaders at large scale corporations, but according to insights gathered by ALM’s Intelligence and Editorial units, it is becoming more ubiquitous across companies of all sizes as the business environment continues to face global growth barriers.

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