ALM is led by an experienced and accomplished team


Bill Carter
Chief Executive Officer
Erin Dziekan
Chief People Officer
Matthew Weiner
President, Business & Finance
Jimi Li
Chief Technology Officer
Mark Okean
Chief Financial Officer
Dan Herman
Chief Operations & Finance Officer
Josh Gazes
Senior Vice President, Operations
Patrice Coughlin
Chief of Staff


Richard Caruso
Senior Vice President, Product

Richard Green
Chief Commercialization Officer

Gina Passarella
Senior Vice President, Content

Patrick Fuller
Chief Legal Industry Strategist


Scott Thompson
Senior Vice President, Market Strategy & Events

Adam Dunn
Senior Vice President, Financial Markets Leader

Joann Kropp
Senior Vice President, Product

Amy Sievertsen
Senior Vice President, Marketing

Nichole Morford
Senior Vice President, Content

Jason Wesalo
Senior Vice President, Digital and IT


ALM People Spotlight
I enjoy working at ALM because of the teamwork! In the time I have been here, I have felt a huge sense of camaraderie not just in my team, but also across different departments. It is a great feeling when you come to work and everyone is striving for the same goal with enthusiasm.Fun Fact: I can speak French. Hoping to become a polyglot.