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Ranking of World’s 200 Largest Law Firms Shows Strong Performance Despite Pandemic

New Release of the Annual Ranking of the Global 200 Largest Law Firms

New York, NY – September 20, 2021 International and The American Lawyer have released the 2021 Global 200 report, providing a detailed look at the top-grossing law firms from around the world and the financial health of a global industry that succeeded despite the pandemic.  The results show significant gains in key financial metrics as clients leaned on their lawyers for counsel. 

The firms on this year’s list grew revenue by an average of 5.9%, a remarkable result in an unprecedented year. The International and ALM Intelligence charts, articles and analysis—and the complete rankings based on revenue, head count and profits per equity partner—can be found online at The data is available for download for Legal Compass subscribers, and is also available for purchase through Law Catalog. This year’s edition takes readers behind the numbers, offering in-depth analysis of the results for European, Asian and U.K. firms, as well as profiles of two firms situated toward the top of the Global 200. 

“The latest figures demonstrate how the world’s largest commercial law firms are able to thrive in almost any market environment,” said Paul Hodkinson, London-based Editor-In-Chief of International. “In particular, U.S.-based firms, which make up the bulk of the list, have performed well on the back of a strong domestic economy, and it is a similar story with China-based firms.”  

Lisa Shuchman, New York-based Executive Editor of International, added: “The 2021 Global 200 data shows that steady demand is allowing the world’s largest firms to keep on growing. Most regions — notably the Asia Pacific and Latin America — have demonstrated they have great growth potential for global and domestic firms that have positioned themselves well in those markets.”  

The Global 200 data is compiled in collaboration with ALM Intelligence for use throughout Legal Compass which enables users to compute year-over-year trends, in-depth comparisons, and peer benchmarking on Global 200 firms across key metrics, including financials, headcount, diversity, and more. An analysis of The Global 200 will also be featured in The American Lawyer’s October/November issue. 

“The performance of the world’s largest law firms has attracted attention not seen since the great recession,” said James Willer, Director of Legal Intelligence at ALM Intelligence. “For many firms in the Global 200, the tumultuous start to 2020 proved short-lived with robust lawyer financial productivity and cost reductions helping to drive bumper profitability. Fuelled by client-demand, several firms also continued to expand their attorney footprint in key and emerging markets across the globe including locations in Asia and Continental Europe.”


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