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Paralegals’ Pay Rates Rise, Says 2014 ALM/IPMA Survey

Paralegals’ Pay Rates Rise, Says 2014 ALM/IPMA Survey

NEW YORK – June 18, 2014 – Hourly base pay continued to rise last year for paralegal, litigation support and docketing workers at both law firms and law departments, according to the ALM/IPMA Annual Compensation Survey for Paralegals and Managers, 2014 Edition, released today.

The survey by ALM Legal Intelligence, a leading source of business intelligence for the legal profession, in partnership with the International Practice Management Association (IPMA), tracks compensation, billing rates and billable hours for paralegals.  Conducted annually since 2002, the 2014 survey included 298 law firms and law departments reporting on over 9,500 paralegal, litigation support and docketing positions.

Key survey findings include the following:

  • Salary increases were reported by 91.2% of law firms and 91.7% of law departments. The average expected increase for paralegals is 2.9% for both exempt and non-exempt paralegal positions.
  • At law firms, the highest hourly-pay positions are Litigation Support/Technology/eDiscovery Manager at $79.66 and Paralegal Director at $76.42. Among law departments, Paralegal Supervisor was the highest paid position at $70.32, followed by Litigation Support/Technology/eDiscovery Director/ Manager at $65.35.
  • Law firm paralegals, the largest group reported, increased average hourly base pay to $36.57 from $35.98 in 2013, while law department paralegal pay jumped to $34.30 from $31.46.
  • Average law firm bonuses increased most sharply for Paralegal Directors at $18,421, compared to $16,149 the prior year. Specialists/Industry Analysts bonuses rose to $6,939 from $5,749.
  • Law firm billing rates for paralegal positions increased about 4% on average.

To purchase a copy of the survey, visit IPMA members or organizations with IPMA members may be eligible for a discount and should phone 888-770-5647 to order.

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