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New AI-powered trend detection monitors federal litigation in real time, identifies opportunities for business development and client service Radar’s Trend Detection delivers real-time awareness of shifts and surges in new federal litigation so legal professionals can more effectively advise clients, spot growth areas and win new business.

New York, NY – July 21, 2022 – ALM announces the launch of Radar’s Trend Detection, a powerful new capability that uses data processing and robust statistical tests to identify trending litigation in real time, allowing firms to maintain an up-to-date awareness of complex shifts in federal litigation trends. This enhancement represents another step in ALM’s innovation strategy, which weaves together data, technology and human intelligence to provide exclusive insight into the events and trends impacting the legal industry.

Trend Detection’s proprietary algorithm builds on Radar’s litigation surveillance capabilities by identifying shifts, spikes and patterns in a sea of federal court data. Until now, it might take an internal research team to figure out where cases are surging or ebbing. With Trend Detection, new federal litigation is evaluated in real time to identify trend signals before they become visible. Radar, launched in 2020, leverages AI technology to process federal court data and deliver immediate updates to users based on their interests. Every new suit alert includes a concise summary and a direct link to the complaint, enabling attorneys to quickly respond to priority matters. 

“Law firm litigators, business development, and client managers are continually monitoring cases manually, watching for patterns that could impact their clients or inform business decisions for their firm,” said Richard Caruso, Vice President and General Manager, Global Legal News. “Trend Detection offers a layer of efficiency and opportunity to identify litigation trends faster than ever.”

As part of ALM’s Pro platform, Radar provides customized early awareness of key client, industry and practice area developments. Users can tailor the information on their Radar by selecting from more than 60 industries and practice areas, as well as from thousands of law firms, companies and regions.

“One thing we know about litigation trends is that early awareness creates an opening. If you’re seeing a trend in the rearview mirror, it’s generally too late to act,” said Vanessa Blum, Newsroom Innovation Director. “With Trend Detection, the ability to identify shifts as they occur and present those findings in real time is what sets Radar apart from other legal industry analytics.”

Premium subscribers to or Radar will see Trend Detection findings surface on their Radar feed and can access the latest data-driven discoveries from the main navigation. Each result includes a chart, key metrics, underlying case details and a ‘Signal Strength’ rating that measures intensity, impact and business significance. Customers can also bookmark results or use Radar’s Focus Filters to explore specific trending areas. 

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