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EIN Finder Fills the Data Gap for New Tax Laws from IRS

ALM Intelligence Launches API Capabilities in EIN Finder

New York, NY – October 17, 2018 — ALM Intelligence’s Benefits division, Judy Diamond Associates, has launched a new API allowing the research and verification capabilities of the EIN Finder database to integrate with a variety of platforms.

The IRS recently announced it is redacting details such as the full EIN and business name from their tax transcripts to improve the security of taxpayer data. This makes the EIN verification process more difficult for CPAs, tax and finance professionals, and payroll companies.

The upgraded EIN Finder provides users with the ability to append and verify EIN data instantly. EIN Finder allows individuals to verify business identities or complete various tax forms (1099s, 1040, and 990s). Since the API can be connected to multiple systems, it creates a more efficient workflow that is easily scalable to a client’s specific needs.

Businesses and individuals file tax returns every year and are charged a standard fee for incorrect information which makes finding accurate data critical to business operations,” said William Moomaw, Senior Product Manager, ALM Intelligence. “EIN Finder allows our customers to know these businesses are real. Additionally, automating access to our database saves our clients time, reduces fraud rates, and supports KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance programs.”

Users have the ability to search different criteria such as EIN, Business Names, “Doing Business As” (DBA) status, as well as a three-tier confidence score system. Plans are in place to begin adding additional data sets beginning with the Federal Form 5500.

“EIN Finder has been a core part of our business for almost 20 years, growing from a few thousand EINs to well over 10 million unique IRS-verified EIN references over 22 million different business names,” said Eric Ryles, Vice President of Custom Solutions, ALM Intelligence. “By offering this data through an API, we’re providing an integrated solution for anyone who needs to make sure that their EIN data is clean before they get fined by the IRS.”

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