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Consulting Magazine Offers Readers Access to Broader ALM Content unveils launch of new website

The digital membership to Consulting Magazine also includes access to sister ALM publications including The American Lawyer, Legaltech News and The National Law Journal.  Digital members receive complimentary access to up to 5 news articles every 30 days from these sister publications providing consultants more coverage on top issues their clients are facing such as cyber-security challenges, regulatory and governmental changes, and privacy matters.

“We are thrilled to be able to launch a brand new, which offers readers new content offerings, as well as user-friendly features and a fresh look and feel,” said Joe Kornik, publisher and editor-in-chief at Consulting Magazine. “Since ALM’s acquisition of Kennedy Consulting Research & Advisory (KCRA) earlier this year, Consulting Magazine has been energized by several enhanced capabilities, and the new is just the first step in an exciting journey.”  One of the new content offerings is a special section, “Consulting by the Numbers,” demonstrating an integrated model of publishing with KCRA and providing insight and access to the knowledge of today’s top consulting research analysts.

The website’s new responsive design is optimized for desktop, tablet and phone, allowing subscribers to access ALM’s award-winning content at any time, from anywhere.   Consulting Magazine’s digital edition is also available via an app, available for use on iPad and iPhone as well as Android devices. The Consulting Magazine app can be downloaded by visiting the Consulting Magazine iTunes App or Android’s Google Play.

ALM licensed Forbes’ Falcon digital publishing platform for its flagship website in 2013. and now are powered by the same technology used by

“Falcon was easy to implement and use for, and it’s flexible enough to use as a multi-site solution.  In other words, we can roll up several sites on a common publishing platform,” said Jeff Litvack, president of ALM Intelligence and chief digital officer.

ALM is continuing to scale its digital capabilities across several fronts, and is currently working on an upcoming Consulting Magazine contributor network that will open up its publishing platform to a large network of industry leaders providing practical insights and perspective on the consulting profession.

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Consulting® magazine is the flagship publication of the consulting profession featuring the latest information on consulting careers, thought leadership and corporate strategies. In addition to providing industry insights, Consulting® hosts award dinners as part of our Achievement Awards series – honoring Women Leaders in Consulting, The Top 25 Consultants, Social & Community Investment and Rising Stars of the Profession.

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