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ALM Launches New Version of RivalEdge Platform for Legal Market Intelligence

Innovative service monitors and delivers relevant information on 24/7 basis to law firms, legal recruiters and law schools

NEW YORK – April 2, 2014 – ALM, the leading provider of news and business information to the legal and real estate industries, today released a new version of RivalEdge, an online service for finding, filtering and delivering relevant news and information directly into the hands of legal professionals.

RivalEdge is a service that monitors thousands of online news sources, law firm websites and social media services daily. ALM’s proprietary technology is used to find articles, blog posts and social media mentions regarding specific attorneys, firms or industry segments, and then aggregate that information into highly personalized daily email alerts and reports for each end user.

“The new version of RivalEdge features a number of innovative platform enhancements that allow users to create more robust reports on lateral partner moves, produce customizable infographics and export data that is filtered according to specific geographic locations,” said Kevin Iredell, vice president of ALM Legal Intelligence. “RivalEdge is now an even more potent weapon for law firms, legal recruiters and law schools to gain a competitive advantage over their peers by harvesting deeper and faster insights into emerging market opportunities.”

RivalEdge’s innovative technology served as the foundation for one of the pioneering ‘listening platforms’ in the legal industry. Rather than receiving endless emails, alerts, newsletters and tweets from various sources of content — in different formats and at various times during the day – legal professionals rely on RivalEdge to deliver current information they need to stay on top of their practices, industries and competitors in a much more efficient way. ALM acquired RivalEdge in September 2012.

“The new version of RivalEdge is powered by advanced search technology that uses sophisticated algorithms to locate and parse articles of interest to users from both the open web and from trusted sources,” said Iredell. “The service is unique because it seeks out relevant content based on the concepts involved, not just those that ‘hit’ on the precise terms entered by the user. RivalEdge’s instant access to this valuable legal market intelligence empowers our customers to make better strategic decisions based on real-time news developments.”

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