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ALM Enhances Radar with SALI Claim Tags for Unmatched Precision in Litigation Alerts Radar, ALM’s groundbreaking litigation and client surveillance platform, is launching new AI features to provide customers with deeper case insight using a detailed taxonomy from the industry leading SALI Alliance.

New York, NY – July 1, 2024 – Radar is excited to unveil a cutting-edge initiative to improve case discovery and new suit alerting by assigning detailed SALI civil claims labels to litigation across more than 2,400 state and federal courts.

This initiative, which draws on text analysis and the editorial expertise of journalists, enables customers to create more actionable new suit alerts, to reduce time spent reviewing cases and to act faster on high-value opportunities. 

The addition of SALI claims labels in Radar greatly expands the ability for our customers to create even more precise case alerts across state and federal jurisdictions,” said Richard Caruso, SVP, Legal Products. “These enhancements allow legal professionals to receive more actionable and insightful case updates, making Radar an invaluable resource for saving time and enabling strategic action.”

By incorporating the SALI civil claims taxonomy as a unified classification system for state and federal court cases, Radar is creating consistency for legal professionals who review new case filings across multiple jurisdictions. ALM is proud to support the work of the SALI Alliance in its push for Standards Advancement for the Legal Industry and to promote innovations in data integration and utilization by law firms, companies and service providers.

“We’re thrilled that ALM is integrating SALI’s taxonomy into its platform, both solidifying SALI’s role as the industry standard and enhancing ALM’s product. This partnership marks another milestone in ensuring SALI’s consistent and actionable data across jurisdictions,” said Damien Riehl, a leader of the nonprofit SALI Alliance. “We look forward to further expanding SALI’s ontology, enhancing precision and efficiency for legal professionals everywhere.” Radar categorizes just-filed cases using advanced text processing and LLM-enabled machine learning models. These proprietary systems, which deliver real-time case insight beyond what is available in raw court data, provide a unique benefit for Radar subscribers. Complaints that are manually collected from more than 350 hard-to-access jurisdictions will also be tagged with SALI labels.

“This initiative continues Radar’s commitment to reinventing litigation surveillance by applying new technologies to solve our customers’ pain points,” said Vanessa Blum, VP of Innovation. “In many state courts, there’s no reliable indicator of case type and discovering relevant cases is like finding a needle in a haystack. Radar solves that problem and helps customers identify and act quickly on meaningful opportunities.”

Key User Benefits

  • Set more precise case alerts across state and federal jurisdictions
  • Reliably find relevant cases regardless of state-by-state variations
  • Save time by easily excluding low-value or irrelevant cases from searches and alerts
  • Activate workflows that are standardized and interoperable based on SALI, a recognized industry framework

Expansive Taxonomy

  • Select SALI categories in areas of employment law, discrimination and negligence will be implemented in the initial release
  • More than 300 SALI labels will be rolled out in the coming months as expert legal editors train the system to attain the highest level of accuracy. 

New Features and Functionality

  • Set up new suit searches and alerts using two types of standardized case type tags – federal Nature of Suit codes and SALI civil claims labels
  • Not sure which labels apply? Use a keyword for generalized searching of all case type tags and metadata
  • Quick-scan emails include SALI claims labels for more insight on newly filed cases

About Radar

Launched in 2020, Radar delivers AI-enhanced new suit alerting backed by the industry’s most trusted source for legal news and data. With coverage spanning state and federal courts and proprietary trend detection technology, Radar empowers legal professionals with information to drive business development and enrich client service. Subscribers can access or request complaints directly from Radar at no additional cost.

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