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ALM’s legal industry capabilities are unmatched in breadth and scope—from the business of law to legal technology and operations. ALM offers the most in-depth analysis of legal issues, breaking news, and exclusive insights. ALM is also uniquely positioned to be the leading source of insights into the industry’s top firms, legal departments, and key players. Comprised of 20 publications serving the global legal community, and bolstered by razor-sharp intelligence services and the industry’s leading calendar of legal industry events, ALM’s suite of legal capabilities is indispensable for any legal professional.

Our Legal Brands

With 20 global legal industry brands, ALM offers unparalleled news, analysis, and insights with just a few of our brands:

ALM Events

ALM events are the ideal destination for legal business leaders to connect with peers, industry experts, and legal technology providers. ALM legal events help legal professionals stay abreast of change and connected to those leading the change. View our upcoming events calendar and join us!

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ALM Intelligence

ALM Intelligence works with hundreds of law firms and thousands of lawyers from across the AmLaw 200 and beyond. We create game-changing data that legal professionals need. Whether it’s diversity trend analysis, benchmarking, verdict research, expert witness identification, or other types of legal industry data and analysis, ALM Intelligence gives you the tools and information you need to stay ahead of the curve.

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Global Leaders in Law

Global Leaders in Law (GLL) is the world’s leading Global General Counsel forum, providing a unique resource to help GCs drive their business forward, whilst developing the leadership skills of their legal teams. GLL is an invitation-only program for GCs from the world’s largest global corporations. Members of GLL have exclusive access to resources, including a global peer network, thought leadership events, tailored training solutions, analytics and decision-support tools, access to ALM legal media publications, access to ALM’s Legal Compass GC, and team training and development.

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