Law Firm Revenue Enabler Compensation Report 2020

October 2020 | $699

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This report, conducted by ALM Intelligence and Calibrate Legal, provides an overview of compensation data for marketing, business development and communications professionals at law firms.

2020 brought unique headwinds to law firm business services departments and the Revenue Enablers™️ who run them. The global pandemic shuttered offices, client industries were upended, and calls for social justice reverberated around the country. Within this environment, we persisted in collecting and analyzing this data – knowing it would be more important than ever to have reliable information as law firm leaders make decisions about 2021 budgets and career and team progression.

This year’s report is drawn from a web-based survey over an 11-week period from late March to mid-June and features responses from 408 marketing and business development professionals within US and Canadian law firms. Because the bulk of responses came from US-based respondents, this report will focus largely on US law firms.

Because the survey was conducted during the pandemic, this report should be considered a snapshot in time. Some firms implemented layoffs, furloughs, and/or temporary or permanent salary and bonus changes during the course of this study, and those changes may not be entirely reflected in the results.

This report was conducted by ALM Intelligence and Calibrate Legal.

We would like to thank our friends and partners at Calibrate Legal for their continued partnership and collaboration.We also would like to give a special thank you to Kathryn Whitaker and Jennifer Johnson for their efforts in helping to procure data for this project as well as Michelle Matroni, Carole Clark, Bikram Gautam, and Steve Kovalan for their work in preparing this report and analysis.

Highlightsfrom the survey include:

  • Diversity: While only 28% of marketing and business development chief/first-chair director roles are held by males, they earn roughly $75,000 more than their female counterparts
  • Compensation: The average salary for marketing and business development chiefs/first-chair directors is $254,000, which is nearly a quarter more than this group’s average salary in 2018
  • Career Path Options: 77% of the marketing and business development professionals interviewed claim their firm has not provided clear career path options
  • Job Satisfaction: While over three-quarters of marketing and business development professionals interviewed report they are content within their current role, they are concerned by the lack of advancement opportunities and the lack of sufficient support