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In-Depth Profiles

Our expert profiles are unmatched in scope. Biographical information, past cases, detailed résumés, and video content work in harmony to give you the clearest picture of an expert before you initiate contact. Profiles highlight an individual’s primary area of expertise, giving you a quick snapshot of their strongest suit. Additionally, you can view other categories in which the expert is listed, giving you a broader sense of their expertise and experience.

Direct Links to Relevant Verdicts

Our expert profiles feature direct links to cases in which experts have assisted or testified, giving you a real-world view into their expertise, style, and track record. With ALM Experts, it’s easier than ever to pinpoint an expert who has experience in supporting cases that are similar to the one you’re focused on.

Precise Taxonomy

Our carefully-thought-out taxonomy gives you the power to identify the ideal expert for your case, wherever you are and no matter how specific your needs. Expert profiles are organized by state, expertise category, and expertise subcategory. With over 3,300 areas to choose from, finding the ideal witness is incredibly simple.

Powerful Advanced Search

Our advanced search functionality allows you narrow your search by location, area of expertise (including extremely focused subcategories), company name, first and last name, and general keyword. You can also string together multiple subcategories and locations to generate a larger list of possible collaborators. However you choose to conduct your search, and no matter how broad or specific your requirements, ALM Experts is a quicker path to the support your case needs.

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