Research and Market Forecasting Methodology

ALM Intelligence’s market analyses help buyers of consulting services to effectively target best-in-class providers, and help consulting providers to identify and evaluate business opportunities.

Research is conducted around three primary dimensions


Our proprietary research methodology comprises four components:

Quantitative Data
Qualitative Data
  • Provider interviews
  • Provider revenues and headcount
    (by geo, service line, industry)
  • Historical spending, headcount and revenue estimates
  • Quantitative surveying of consultants and other stakeholders
  • Provider benchmarks
    (e.g. revenue per professional, % of gross revenue reimbursements; fee and utilization metrics)
  • Client polling and demand analysis
  • Client interviews
  • Provider demand patterns
  • Industry expert interviews
  • Provider firm briefings
  • Consolidation in provider marketplace
  • Provider analyst events
  • Qualitative surveying of consultants and other stakeholders
  • ALM Intelligence’s analyst services
  • Industry data
  • Macroeconomic and financial data
    (e.g. M&A; GDP by industry, country)
  • Demographic, labor & employment data
    (by industry, country)
  • Technology adoption and use data
  • Other proxy data
    (e.g. World Bank, Energy Information Administration, EU, US Census)
  • News and industry insights
  • Brokerage/equity research
  • Provider thought leadership and other publications
  • Provider websites
  • Industry books and blogs
  • Other finance and technology news
  • Industry conferences and events
  • Global legal and regulatory developments

The research output for any analysis is derived predominantly from primary research. Data is obtained through a centralized effort, with teams of analysts collecting, assessing, fact-checking, and refreshing baseline information on leading consultancies and consulting markets. This information populates an extensive knowledge base of consulting providers, widely regarded as among the most comprehensive in the world. Working collaboratively, analysts narrow their research to the most discrete and pertinent intersection of consulting service/industry/geography. The experience and knowledge of our analyst team are critical to the success of these research endeavors. Directors and associate directors average more than 10 years of consulting and/or analyst experience, with an emphasis on professional services. Junior analysts typically bring an average of five years of consulting and/or analyst experience. The group’s long-term relationships with consulting clients and industry leaders are based on trust and respect. ALM Intelligence’s fundamental goal is to deliver objective assessments and insightful viewpoints on all management consulting markets.