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Search. Compare. Decide.

Consulting Provider Guide’s search functionality is engineered to simplify the task of finding the ideal consulting firm for any purpose. Compare more than 400 top firms across metrics like size, headcount, service line, geography, and client industry, contrasting providers to discern the best fit in terms of expertise, cost, and performance. An engagement made based on data from Consulting Providers Guide is a step towards a positive outcome for the task at hand and supporting long term goals.

An Action-Oriented Approach

We know that the consulting needs that arise for Fortune 500 companies are just as complex and varied as the firms engaged to address them. Our Consulting Provider Guide presents invaluable prospecting and shortlisting opportunities for even the most nuanced of RFPs. It takes the complex workings of the consulting industry and distills it into data that empowers decision making.

Powerful yet Accessible

Consulting Provider Guide is a web-based, searchable database that allows for instant and detailed comparison of firms, not to mention best-in-class profiles for over 400 consultancies. Users also have the option to download custom content for their own analysis, benchmarking, or intelligence.

Rich, Detailed Firm Profiles

In addition to being a fantastic mode of comparing consulting firms, Consulting Provider Guide gives users access to the richest firm profiles available. Individual profiles feature carefully-collected proprietary ALM data, organized by service line, geography, and client industry, along with information on rankings, leadership, consulting practice offerings, consultant titles, and links to additional research that rates specific capabilities. Rounded out by inside information on footprint and M&A activity, these firm profiles represent the clearest picture of the world’s top firms.

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