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Data-Driven Compensation Benchmarking

Consulting Benchmarks compensation research reports, organized by domain, are powerful tools that give leadership a data-supported view of how their firm is situated in the market. Neatly organized and extremely focused data tables break down firms’ percentiles across metrics by staff level and type of consulting, and detail base salary as distinct from bonuses and benefits. Trends data and anecdotal quotes from analysts serve to give further context to the data, allowing the most comprehensive picture possible.

Nuanced Fee Data

Fee-focused Consulting Benchmarks leverage survey data to give insights into how much consulting firms charge clients, organized by both type of consulting and staff level. Hourly billable rates are compared and contrasted for different roles to give buyers a sense of value and providers a way to benchmark their pricing to remain competitive in the market.

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Consulting Benchmarks research is founded on survey research conducted, compiled and interpreted by our team of seasoned analysts. ALM’s unmatched level of access to the C-level leadership of the world’s top firms enables us to deliver a wholly unique level of reporting—a true insider’s perspective on the consulting industry.

Best-in-Class Operational Metrics

Consulting Benchmarks research reports give firms metrics on how much the industry as a whole spends on operations, broken down by departments and major costs like office space. Not only are these research handy benchmarking tools, they give rapidly growing firms the insights they need to expand with control. Precise data on revenue growth, cost of human capital, profitability, days sales outstanding, backlog, revenue per professional and management technology costs gives both a granular and holistic view of the operational habits of top-flight firms.

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Kennedy’s (AKA ALM Intelligence) Performance Metrics research provides a small firm such as ours the benchmarking data it needs to stay competitive. The utilization rates have helped us rethink our staffing model.

Joyce Petrella, VP of Human Resources and Talent Management | BTS

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ALM’s Consulting Benchmarks series provides metrics on compensation, employee engagement, operations, and performance to aid operational and human resource leaders in optimizing their operating models.

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