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Inside Information, Outside Perspective

Vanguard reports illuminate an industry that is notoriously difficult to analyze. By virtue of our industry standing and established ties to leadership, ALM is able to draw out and contextualize key data on firm performance in all areas of management consulting.  ALM offers a much-needed perspective on the consulting industry, and our Vanguard reports leverage the power of this perspective.

A Comprehensive Approach

Vanguard reports evaluate consulting providers by drawing on input from both clients and providers. By considering key areas like consulting approach, organization, service delivery, client pain points and needs, and outcomes and service impact, Vanguard reports give you a detailed view of firms, while also situating their performance in reference to competitors.

Trusted for Over 40 Years

ALM has been evaluating consulting firms since 1970 and has built close relationships with the C-level leadership of the world’s top firms. Decision-makers trust ALM’s objectivity and drive to disseminate the most carefully vetted data and most informative research in the industry. This trust and the unparalleled level of access it grants us is the bedrock upon which we’ve built ALM Vanguard.

Credible Insights from Established Analysts

ALM has earned trust from consulting professionals at both an institutional and individual analyst level. It’s not a fact we take lightly—ALM Vanguard reports are supported by our dedication to bring our clients the best analysis and insights available. There’s a reason that top firms use Vanguard Reports as a reason to celebrate successes and address opportunities for improvement. We pride ourselves on our unique ability to objectively assess and layer insights onto the complex workings of the world’s top firms.

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We have been a part of ALM’s journey as it has carved a unique space for itself amongst analyst firms, focusing on understanding the nuances of the consulting and advisory space. They have 40 years of experience in monitoring trends and capabilities globally and play an important role in helping vendors and buyers alike understand what is an increasingly critical and complex market.

John A. Kerr, Vice Chairman, Consulting | Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited

Kennedy’s (AKA ALM Intelligence) HR consulting research series fills a unique niche. It is the only research house in the global market today that explores this consulting domain with such breadth and depth.

Rob Donnelly, Global Analyst Relations Director | PwC

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ALM Intelligence’s goal is to deliver objective assessments to help buyers of consulting services effectively identify and maximize the benefits of working with best in class providers.

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