Market Analysis to Support Consulting Decision-Makers

ALM Intelligence divides the consulting market into major and minor industries based on their prevalence. The major industries include financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, natural resource & power, and the public sector. The minor industries are aerospace & defense, business & professional services, communications & media, construction, education, real estate, & leisure, transportation & logistics, and wholesale & retail.

Aerospace & Defense

Includes aircraft manufacturing, missile and space vehicle manufacturing, tank manufacturing, space research and technology, and national security. View all ALM Industry Forecast reports.

Aerospace Defense
Civilian aircraft manufacturing Military aircraft manufacturing
Space technology Military vehicle manufacturing
Business & Professional Services

Includes business and professional services. View all ALM Industry Forecast reports.

Business & Professional Services Rental & Maintenance Services
Legal services Equipment leasing
Accounting services Rental services
Engineering services Maintenance services
Administrative services Repair services
Consulting services
Communications & Media

Includes primarily telecommunications (cable, wireless, satellite, broadcast, and Internet), but also includes network services (not equipment), publishing, printing, advertising, libraries online, and other content businesses. View all ALM Industry Forecast reports.

Communications Media
Telecommunications carriers Internet publishing
Subscription programming Physical publishing
Video & television
Radio & recording
Information services
Construction, Real Estate, & Leisure

Includes construction, hospitality, real estate, and other services. View all ALM Industry Forecast reports.

Construction Real Estate Leisure
Housing Housing leasing Spectator sports & teams
Remodeling Commercial leasing Museums
Commercial Property management Theme parks
Hotels & inns
Restaurant & bars

Includes elementary school, colleges, and professional training. View all ALM Industry Forecast reports.

Financial Services

Includes banking, insurance (excluding health insurance) and capital markets. View all ALM Industry Forecast reports.

Banking Insurance Capital Markets & Asset Management
Corporate & governance Life Investment banking
Retail Property & casualty Sales & trading
Cards & payments Reinsurance Prime brokerage
Mortgage & lending Securities servicing
Customer channels Securities servicing

Includes payers, providers, public healthcare, social assistance, pharmaceuticals/biotech, and medical devices. View the ALM Industry Healthcare Forecast Report.

Providers Suppliers Government Health Suppliers
Hospitals Insurance carriers Government providers Pharmaceuticals
Clinics Health plan sponsors Government payers Biotech
Healthcare professionals Medical devices
Drug distribution

Includes automotive, chemicals, consumer packaged goods, industrial equipment and products, information technology, and other manufacturing. View all ALM Industry Forecast reports.

Automotive Chemicals Consumer Packaged Goods
Car Fuel Food & drink
Truck Fertilizer Clothing
Motor home Pesticide Household appliance
Automotive part Sanitation goods Toy & musical instrument
Industrial Equipment & Products Infomation Technology Other Manufacturing
Metal goods Computer Textile & fabric
Farm & garden machinery Audio & video equipment Veneer & plywood
Heating & cooling equipment Semiconductor Paper milling
Engine manufacturing Scientific instrument Plastics
Cable & wire Computer design & programming services Glass
Boat & train
Natural Resources & Power

Includes agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting, energy, mining and metals, and utilities. View all ALM Industry Forecast reports.

Agriculture Energy Mining & Metals Utilities
Farming Oil & natural gas extraction Ore mining Hydroelectric power generation
Poultry production Petroleum refineries Quarrying Fossil fuel power generation
Ranching Pipeline transportation Metal mills Nuclear power generation
Forestry Gas stations Metal refineries Renewable power generation
Fishing Foundries Water supply & sewage treatment
Public Sector

Includes US federal/state/local governments, non-US central/national and local or provincial governments, and international organizations. View all ALM Industry Forecast reports.

Central Government Regional & Local Government International Organizations
Executive bodies Police NGOs
Legislative bodies Parole & probation International bodies
Juridical bodies Fire protection International charities
Central administration Public safety
Central regulative bodies Regional administration
Public finance activities Local administration
Transport & Logistics

Includes air, rail, water and road passengers and freight transportation as well as cargo handling, warehousing, and storage. View all ALM Industry Forecast reports.

Passenger Logistics
Air transportation Airfreight
Sea transportation Rail freight
Commuter rail Sea freight
Bus transportation Mixed mode transit
Urban transit systems Couriers & express delivery
Warehousing & storage
Wholesale & Retail

Includes wholesale supply and retail trade. Excludes petroleum wholesalers and gas stations. View all ALM Industry Forecast reports.

Wholesale Retail
Car Car dealers
Household goods Household goods
Construction material Markets & groceries
Electrical equipment Clothing
Food & drink Art dealers
Clothing Used merchandise
Industrial equipment Specialty