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Plan Your Future with Confidence

ALM Forecast’s market-level insights present prime opportunities for making predictions and plans around your business. Carefully vetted and compiled data on market size and growth opens up avenues for benchmarking and strategic planning. More nuanced data unveils information on the rate of growth, the drivers affecting it and the client behaviors contributing to it. ALM Forecast research furnishes you with data-supported insight you can use to point yourself in the right direction to satisfy long-term goals.

Keep an Eye on the Competition

Though they are not designed to be firm-specific, ALM Forecast research reports include important data on various firms’ market share. This serves to give our users a view of competitors’ size within a specified domain, insight they can use to build intelligence on rival firms and benchmark their own success.

Monitor High-Level Trends

ALM Forecast research reports are a road map to identifying and acting on major trends in the market. Our reports illuminate high-level trends for both buyers and providers, allowing our users to track and anticipate the movement and patterns in key industries and regions in the consulting market. In sum, they represent a powerful overview of the myriad factors affecting growth.

Focus on What Matters

Each Forecast report analyzes market share, growth and their contributing factors across one of two primary dimensions. Industry Consulting Forecast reports focus on the market surrounding twelve specific industries. Services Consulting Forecast reports focus on the market surrounding nine specific service segments. Global Consulting Forecast reports are concerned with the market in a particular geographical area. Each represents a carefully researched view of a market area and the necessary intelligence to capitalize on its trends.

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We have been a part of ALM’s journey as it has carved a unique space for itself amongst analyst firms, focusing on understanding the nuances of the consulting and advisory space. They have 40 years of experience in monitoring trends and capabilities globally and play an important role in helping vendors and buyers alike understand what is an increasingly critical and complex market.

John A. Kerr, Vice Chairman, Consulting | Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited

Kennedy’s (AKA ALM Intelligence) HR consulting research series fills a unique niche. It is the only research house in the global market today that explores this consulting domain with such breadth and depth.

Rob Donnelly, Global Analyst Relations Director | PwC

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