Librarians, Marketers and Administrators Compensation and Benefits Survey

Operations and Management, Rates and Compensation

Aug - 2014 |


The 2014 ALM Intelligence Librarians, Marketers and Administrators Compensation and Benefits Survey report provides:

  • Annual base salary and bonus data for 17 individual positions
  • Information on the benefits offered to and covered by the organizations for the positions surveyed
  • Demographic information that is used to break out the survey results by number of lawyers, supervisory responsibility, years’ experience, education, region/country, state/province, and metropolitan area.

The capturing of demographic data is important, not only to identify who is represented in the survey, but also to distinguish differences in compensation
and benefits among various breakout groups. Using these breakouts, members are able to compare their organization’s compensation and benefits package to the overall profession, to organizations similar in size, and to those within the same geographic area.

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