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ALM’s data-driven research addresses the key questions and issues facing today’s law firm leadership, with rankings, reports on associate satisfaction, M&A, tech, and much more. Our vast database of proprietary research boasts the industry’s most respected financial and demographic firm data, and a slew of carefully crafted and synthesized reports that grant both a nuanced and holistic view of the industry. There’s no better way to gather intelligence on firms, their key players, and the issues and trends that affect the industry.

Am Law 200

Analyst Reports, Law Firm Performance, Law Firm Performance, Rankings | May - 2018

The premiere ranking of Americas top-grossing firms. Get the benchmarks you need to make smart decisions today. See financial data and headcounts for top law firms. Optimize your compensation strategies, recruit and retain top talent, and ensur...


Am Law 100

Analyst Reports, Law Firm Performance, Rankings | Apr - 2018

In many respects, 2017 could be considered the Am Law 100”s best year since the 2009 recession. Revenue grew at its fastest rate since the big dipper, up 5.5 percent to a record $91.4 billion, according to The American Lawyer”s 2018 A...


Data & Analytics: Transforming Corporate Legal Departments

Analyst Reports, Operations and Management | Apr - 2018

This report provides an overview of the current movement within corporate legal departments to leverage data and analytics....


NLJ Billing Report

Rates and Compensation | Apr - 2018

Get the benchmarks you need to make smart decisions today. Know what your competitors are billing, and compare your billing rates against the overall market. Maximize your margins while providing competitive rates and top value to your client base...


The Big Four are at the Door And They Are Better at Meeting the Future Needs of Your Clients

Analyst Reports, General Counsel, Technology | Apr - 2018

This report discusses why the Big Four better meet the future needs of the legal department than the traditional law firm....


New Partner Promotions

Law Firm Partners, Operations and Management | Apr - 2018

Get monthly updates on partner promotions at the countrys largest law firms, with details on practice area, geographical region, and more....


Corporate Representation (Who Counsels Who)

Client Representation | Apr - 2018

Access up-to-date intelligence on which firms are representing Americas top public and private companies. Information is updated on a monthly basis from over 30 different sources to create one of the most comprehensive and timely resources avai...


Lateral Partner Moves

Law Firm Partners | Apr - 2018

Monitor partner movements to know your competitors developing strengths and weaknesses, and pinpoint new business opportunities and emerging trends within your market. Identify risks within your own firm and take advantage of opportunities to h...


Litigator of the Week

Law Firm Performance | Apr - 2018

Litigator of the Week is a feature of The Am Law Litigation Daily. ALM Intelligence research staff have compiled the columns from March, 2011, in a convenient format allowing you to see photos of these successful litigators and highlights o...


Georgia Billing Report

Operations and Management, Rates and Compensation | Apr - 2018

This report provides the hourly rates of Georgia attorneys during FY 2017, listed by name, firm and city, with ranges for selected titles....


Florida Billing Survey

Rates and Compensation | Mar - 2018

The Daily Business Reviews annual survey of the billing rates of Florida law firms....


Law Firm Mergers & Acquisitions Review

Law Firm Performance | Mar - 2018

This review takes a detailed look at mergers activity, capturing merger date, new firm name, firm size and a few sentences about the deal....


Africa 50

Rankings | Mar - 2018

Find out which law firms have the biggest footprint in Africa. Compare your firms bench strength to those of firms based in continental Africa, as well as international firms with a large presence in South Africa, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria ...


NLJ Go To Law School Report

Demographics and Hiring | Mar - 2018

The complete guide to law schools and law firm recruitment of first year associates. Benchmark your school against the competition in order to effectively position yourself in the market. Create marketing materials that highlight starting sala...


Texas New Partners Survey

Law Firm Partners | Mar - 2018

Texas Lawyer collected data about the numbers of new partners/shareholders inTexas largest firms,and their practice areas, law schools and graduation years as well asthe number of women and minority lawyers named a new partner or sharehol...


South Florida Annual Office Real Estate Guide

Operations and Management | Mar - 2018

The information you need on available South Florida office space. Data on location, price, vacancy rates and existing tenants. Identify the optimal location to grow or adjust your firms footprint in the Miami-Dade area....


Up At Night

General Counsel | Feb - 2018

The objective of this survey is to gain insight into what challenges are on the minds of the General Counsel audience....


Law Firm Mergers, Acquisitions, and Closures Charts

Law Firm Performance | Feb - 2018

The Law Firm Mergers, Acquisitions, and Closures chart provides law firm mergers and acquisitions since 1994, and law firm closures since 2003....


Challenges at the Intersection of Cybersecurity and Legal Services: Cybersecurity Surveys of Law Firms and Departments

General Counsel, Operations and Management | Dec - 2017

ALM Intelligences third annual cybersecurity study of law firms and law departments has found that law firms and law departments are increasingly being tasked by C-Suite and management to take the lead on cybersecurity. Yet, both law firms and ...


In-House Law Departments Report Premium Edition

Law Firm Performance, Operations and Management, Satisfaction and Outlook | Dec - 2017

Identify the right decision makers, connect now. Get access to the in-house legal department contacts you need to grow your firms business. In this Premium Edition over 10,000 General Counsel contacts for the Fortune 500 companies are provided....


In-House Law Departments

General Counsel | Dec - 2017

Identify the right decision makers, get up-to-date contact information, connect now. Get access to the in-house legal department contacts you need to grow your firms business. Get names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses for general...


NYLJ 100

Rankings | Nov - 2017

New York Law Journals survey of the largest firms in New York....


Law Department Compensation Benchmarking Survey

Rates and Compensation | Nov - 2017

See how Americas top corporations are compensating their in-house legal staff. Compare your in-house law department compensation packagesincluding salary, bonus, and total cash and stock optionsacross nine positions and numerous regions, ...


Securing the Future: Law Firm Succession Planning and the Challenges of Managing a Multigenerational Workforce

Analyst Reports, Demographics and Hiring, Operations and Management | Nov - 2017

The report, featuring the results of ALM Intelligences inaugural Law Firm Succession Planning Survey, as well as supporting research and interviews, examines the current state of law firm succession planning and multigenerational work, and incl...


Texas July Bar Exam Pass Rates

Law Students | Nov - 2017

Pass rates for Texas July bar exam for first-time test-takers at each of the nine ABA-accredited Texas law schools....


C-Suite Survey (CMO, CFO, COO)

Law Firm Partners | Nov - 2017

Our survey of C-level officers at America”s largest law firms. We asked CMOs, CFOs, and COOs about their jobs, and their firms....


Corporate Counsel Agenda

General Counsel | Nov - 2017

Get an inside look at whats on the minds of Americas top corporate counsel. Find out what keeps them up at night, what issues they need to solve and learn how confident they feel about the coming year. Get valuable business intelligence that...


NLJ Appellate Hot List

Law Firm Performance | Oct - 2017

The National Law Journals Appellate Hot List have asked their readers nominate firms with at least one significant appellate win since January 2016 and with an impressive track record overall. They have supplemented the results with...


New Partners Survey

Law Firm Partners | Oct - 2017

The American Lawyers annual survey of new partners was launched in August and closed September 23rd. The survey was sent out to lawyers promoted to partner during the prior four years by Am Law 200 firms....


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