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ALM’s data-driven research addresses the key questions and issues facing today’s law firm leadership, with rankings, reports on associate satisfaction, M&A, tech, and much more. Our vast database of proprietary research boasts the industry’s most respected financial and demographic firm data, and a slew of carefully crafted and synthesized reports that grant both a nuanced and holistic view of the industry. There’s no better way to gather intelligence on firms, their key players, and the issues and trends that affect the industry.

Survey of Law Firm Economics

Law Firm Performance | Sep - 2018

The most comprehensive view of the business of law in the marketplace. Get the benchmarks you need to make smart decisions today. Access data on law firm operating budgets, billing rates, staffing ratios and more. Compare yourself to firms withi...


Summer Associate Survey

Law Students, Satisfaction and Outlook | Sep - 2018

The American Lawyers annual survey measuring the satisfaction of summer associates employed by the nations law firms. Firms are scored based on associate ratings of the firms qualities, including interest and sati...


China 45

Law Firm Performance, Law Firm Performance, Rankings | Sep - 2018

The China 45 ranks Chinese law firms by revenue, revenue per lawyer and profits per equity partner....


LTN Tech Survey (fka Am Law Technology Survey)

Technology | Sep - 2018

Find out which technology solutions top law firms are investing in, and get competitive intelligence on how they run their IT departments. Technology and operations executives from NLJ 350 firms share their product preferences for hardware and so...


Global 100

Rankings | Sep - 2018

For many Global 100 firms, the past year has exposed how complex and risk-laden managing an international law firm has become. Firm leaders have been forced to manage against a downturn in commodity markets, turmoil in foreign exchange ...


Legal Week UK Top 50

Law Firm Performance, Law Firm Performance, Rankings, Rankings | Sep - 2018

The UK Top 50 is Legal Weeks annual ranking of the UKs largest firms by revenue. ...


Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Operations and Management | Sep - 2018

ALM Intelligence”s inaugural study on mental health and substance abuse within the law firm, to help guide law firms on how others in the industry deal with these issues....


Associate Technology Survey

Technology | Aug - 2018

Extracted from the Midlevel Associates Satisfaction Survey, this survey looks at satisfaction with technology resources at Am Law-size firms. Data includes scores for quality of technology, training, support, and overall tech rank....


Latin American 50

Rankings | Aug - 2018

This report shows the top 10 key law firms in Latin American countries....


Midlevel Associate Survey

Law Students, Satisfaction and Outlook | Aug - 2018

A look at the satisfaction levels of third-, fourth- and fifth-year associates at Am Law 200 firms....


Texas 100

Rankings | Aug - 2018

Texas Lawyer”s annual survey of the largest law firms in Texas includes number of lawyers in the Texas office(s), managing partners and number of lawyers in each branch office....


Florida 100

Rankings | Aug - 2018

The Florida Daily Business Review 100 is a list of the largest 100 law firms in Florida by attorney count based on surveys....


GC Compensation Survey

General Counsel, Rates and Compensation | Aug - 2018

Review the compensation packages for general counsel at Americas top corporations. Learn how much the highest-paid in-house counsel earn in terms of salary, bonus and non-equity incentive compensation. Learn how corporations like General Electr...


Summer Hiring Survey

Demographics and Hiring, Law Students | Jul - 2018

The Summer Associate Hiring Surveys looks at the headcount of summer associates at Am Law 200 firms. ...


South Florida Diversity Scorecard

Demographics and Hiring | Jul - 2018

The data for the South Florida Diversity Scorecard is based on information reported by law firms about the attorneys in the firms offices in Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach counties....


Texas Annual Firm Finance Report

| Jul - 2018

Texas Lawyers 2018 Annual Report on Firm Finance lists the 25 highest-grossing law firms based in Texas. Each of the top firms is also ranked by net income, profits per partner and revenue per lawyer. In some cases, the numbers were provided by...



Law Firm Performance, Law Firm Performance, Law Students, Rankings | Jul - 2018

The premiere ranking of Americas top law firms, based on results from three key ALM annual surveys. The A-List incorporates revenue per lawyer, diversity, pro-bono rank and satisfaction scores to create the most holistic view of Americas top...


NYLJ 100

Rankings | Jul - 2018

New York Law Journals survey of the largest firms in New York....


Law Firms Need Artificial Intelligence to Stay in the Game

Analyst Reports | Jul - 2018

The report provides an overview and introduction of Artificial Intelligence for law firms. In doing so, it covers the following key topics:...


ALM/IPMA Annual Compensation Survey for Paralegals, Practice Support Professionals and Managers

Operations and Management, Rates and Compensation | Jul - 2018

The essential guide to law firm support staff compensationget the information you need to attract, motivate and retain top talent while still controlling your costs. Seven paralegal positions are listedfrom clerk to paralegal directoras w...


NLJ Female Scorecard

Demographics and Hiring | Jun - 2018

The Female Scorecard contains staffing counts on female attorneys at NLJ 350 law firms. Key data points include:...


NLJ LGBT Scorecard

Demographics and Hiring | Jun - 2018

The LGBT Scorecard contains staffing counts on LGBT attorneys at NLJ 350 law firms.  Key data points include: LGBT Ranking, LGBT U.S. Attorneys, LGBT Attorneys, LGBT Partners, LGBT Associates and LGBT Other Attorneys....


NLJ 500

Rankings | Jun - 2018

The premiere ranking of Americas largest firms. Position yourself for success in a crowded marketuse geographic distribution data to recommend business improvements and strategic shifts for your firm. Tap into salary data for first-year asso...


Survey of Law Firm Management, Library, and Research Professionals

Operations and Management, Operations and Management | Jun - 2018

The Survey of Law Firm Management, Library, and Research Professionals, formerly known as the Law Librarians Survey, surveys the head librarians and research professionals of the Am Law 200. The report includes: average salaries for law librarian...


NLJ Staffing Survey

Demographics and Hiring | Jun - 2018

Derived from The National Law Journal’s NLJ 500 Survey, this data is non-published information about staffing at the top 350 law firms in the U.S. and includes:...


Pro Bono Survey

Pro Bono | Jun - 2018

The American Lawyers annual report on the state of pro bono work in the nation’s largest law firms, ranks The Am Law 200 firms based on the amount of pro bono work performed by the firm. Included for each firm are the average numb...


Barbarians at the Gate: The Invasion of Regional Legal Markets and How Mid-sized Firms Should Respond

Analyst Reports, Law Firm Performance, Law Firm Performance, Law Firm Performance, Rankings, Rankings | Jun - 2018

Over the past decade regional legal markets have seen tremendous change. National and international firms have invaded many markets, bringing new competition to regional and mid-sized law firms. This report looks at this trend and analyzes what im...


Am Law 200

Analyst Reports, Law Firm Performance, Law Firm Performance, Rankings | May - 2018

The premiere ranking of Americas top-grossing firms. Get the benchmarks you need to make smart decisions today. See financial data and headcounts for top law firms. Optimize your compensation strategies, recruit and retain top talent, and ensur...


Am Law 100

Analyst Reports, Law Firm Performance, Rankings | Apr - 2018

In many respects, 2017 could be considered the Am Law 100”s best year since the 2009 recession. Revenue grew at its fastest rate since the big dipper, up 5.5 percent to a record $91.4 billion, according to The American Lawyer”s 2018 A...


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