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ALM’s data-driven research addresses the key questions and issues facing today’s law firm leadership, with rankings, reports on associate satisfaction, M&A, tech, and much more. Our vast database of proprietary research boasts the industry’s most respected financial and demographic firm data, and a slew of carefully crafted and synthesized reports that grant both a nuanced and holistic view of the industry. There’s no better way to gather intelligence on firms, their key players, and the issues and trends that affect the industry.

Most of our reports are accessible to Legal Compass Subscribers only, although a few are available to all and listed below. Enjoy!

Am Law 200

Law Firm Performance, Law Firm Performance, Law Students, Rankings | May - 2019

The premiere ranking of Americas top-grossing firms. Get the benchmarks you need to make smart decisions today. See financial data and headcounts for top law firms. Optimize your compensation strategies, recruit and retain top talent, and ensur...


Risky Business: Rethinking Lateral Hiring

Analyst Reports, Law Firm Performance, Rankings, Rankings, Recruiting and Demographics | Feb - 2019

To assist law firms in the process of overhauling their lateral hiring programs to improve success rates and reduce risk, this report examines the opportunities and the challenges law firms face in lateral hiring. The ultimate goal is to assist la...


Data & Analytics: Transforming Law Firms

Analyst Reports, Law Firm Performance, Operations and Management, Operations and Management | Jan - 2019

This report provides an overview of the current movement within law firms to leverage data and analytics. Report highlights the results of the ALM Intelligence and LexisNexis legal analytics survey....


In-House Law Departments Report Premium Edition

Law Firm Performance, Operations and Management, Satisfaction and Outlook | Dec - 2018

Identify the right decision makers, connect now. Get access to the in-house legal department contacts you need to grow your firms business. In this Premium Edition over 10,000 General Counsel contacts for the Fortune 500 companies are provided....


Law Department Compensation Benchmarking Survey

General Counsel, Rates and Compensation | Nov - 2018

See how Americas top corporations are compensating their in-house legal staff. Compare your in-house law department compensation packagesincluding salary, bonus, and total cash and stock optionsacross nine positions and numerous regions, ...


Law Firm Revenue Enabler Compensation Study & Benchmarking Tool

Analyst Reports, Operations and Management, Rates and Compensation | Nov - 2018

The report provides intelligence on trends in law firm marketing and business development departments while the tool allows firms to benchmark compensation for a wide range of job titles, functions, and geographies for marketing and business devel...


Global 200

| Oct - 2018

The Global 200 ranks global law firms by revenue and head count....


Survey of Law Firm Economics

Law Firm Performance | Sep - 2018

The most comprehensive view of the business of law in the marketplace. Get the benchmarks you need to make smart decisions today. Access data on law firm operating budgets, billing rates, staffing ratios and more. Compare yourself to firms withi...


Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Operations and Management | Sep - 2018

ALM Intelligence”s inaugural study on mental health and substance abuse within the law firm, to help guide law firms on how others in the industry deal with these issues....


Midlevel Associate Survey

Law Students, Satisfaction and Outlook | Aug - 2018

A look at the satisfaction levels of third-, fourth- and fifth-year associates at Am Law 200 firms....


GC Compensation Survey

General Counsel, Rates and Compensation | Aug - 2018

Review the compensation packages for general counsel at Americas top corporations. Learn how much the highest-paid in-house counsel earn in terms of salary, bonus and non-equity incentive compensation. Learn how corporations like General Electr...


ALM/IPMA Annual Compensation Survey for Paralegals, Practice Support Professionals and Managers

Operations and Management, Rates and Compensation | Jul - 2018

The essential guide to law firm support staff compensationget the information you need to attract, motivate and retain top talent while still controlling your costs. Seven paralegal positions are listedfrom clerk to paralegal directoras w...


NLJ 500

Rankings | Jun - 2018

The premiere ranking of Americas largest firms. Position yourself for success in a crowded marketuse geographic distribution data to recommend business improvements and strategic shifts for your firm. Tap into salary data for first-year asso...


Data & Analytics: Transforming Corporate Legal Departments

Analyst Reports, Operations and Management | Apr - 2018

This report provides an overview of the current movement within corporate legal departments to leverage data and analytics....


Up At Night

General Counsel | Feb - 2018

The objective of this survey is to gain insight into what challenges are on the minds of the General Counsel audience....


Survey of Law Firm Economics – General Counsel Edition

General Counsel, Law Firm Performance | Oct - 2011

Law department leaders can use the survey to evaluate their outside counsel’s hourly billing rates, billable hours and financials relative to comparable law firms. The statistics included in the survey represent broad performance benchmarks ...


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