And They’re Better at Meeting the Future Needs of Your Clients

Legal departments are being asked to do more with less, mitigate risk across the complex compliance and regulatory department, and are facing the reality that they cannot function in isolation anymore and need to integrate with the rest of the company. Because of these challenges, legal departments increasingly need more than pure legal advice – they need efficiency gains and a multidisciplinary approach to their challenges and goals. 
With deep process optimization and technology roots, and broad expertise that spans the full client company, the Big Four (Deloitte, EY, KPMG, PwC) are nicely positioned to better meet the needs of the future legal department than the traditional law firm.

Table of Contents

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  • The New Legal Client Needs More than Pure Legal Advice
  • The Big Four’s Differentiators in Legal Services
  • Technology at Play
  • Implications of the Big Four in the Legal Market
  • Conclusion
  • Research Methodology

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