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TPA Data You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

We do more than offer you the contact details of more than 1,300 TPAs. We also provide access to information on the plan types they administer, services they offer, and the type and number of clients they serve… not to mention exclusive revenue and claims data. Whether you’re on the lookout for a new TPA to administer your plan or gathering competitive or pre-acquisition intelligence, the TPA directory has the data you need.

DenteMax was looking to target market its national dental PPO network to third party administrators and found Judy Diamond Associates’ Directory of Third Party Administrators to be, by far, the most comprehensive database in the market place.

Howard Chapman, Business Development Manager| DenteMax

The Judy Diamond TPA data has always been a valuable resource to Trilogy for informing potential clients of the products and services we provide. We would recommend it to any organization which desires to increase its exposure to this segment of our industry.

Kathy Martin Smith, Principal| Trilogy Consulting Group

The TPA directory is the best source available in the nation to contact TPAs to market our service which provides internet pharmacy benefit decision support tools. We also like the ability to easily export the data out into MS Access for use with custom queries..

John Dietz, Senior Partner| RxEOB

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