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Plan Scorecards

Plan Scorecards are a quick-reference numerical guide to a plan’s performance. They give you a window into how a plan is faring against the competition in terms of rate of return, participation rate, average contributions, and other key metrics. For each variable, Plan Scorecards include an actual value and a rank out of 100 (the percentage of other plans it outperformed). The Plan Score Barometer compares a plan’s score to the state average, industry average, and plans with similar asset and participant sizes.

Red Flags

Developed in consultation with leading industry thinkers, red flags are clear signs that a plan is underperforming. Red Flags include issuing of corrective distributions, being in the bottom 10% in average account balance, and reduced employer contributions, to name a few. The more Red Flags a plan has, the more likely a plan sponsor will be amenable to a change in provider.

Identify Similar Clients

Retirement Plan Prospector gives you the power to find clients who are similar to your current ones. With over 500 searchable data elements, you have the ability to home in precisely on plans that suit your expertise and agenda. With over 750,000 plans in our database, your next big prospect is just around the corner.

Recommended Prospects

Every time you log in to Prospector, you’ll be presented with several recommended prospects based on Plan Scorecards and Red Flags. These concise snapshots include the Plan Score and specific Red Flags, and detail the geographic location, number of participants, and total assets of the plans, so you’ll know at a glance if they fit your strategy. Not only are the plans presented vulnerable to being won away from competitors, they are tailored specifically to you, your habits and your business goals.

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90% of my leads come from Prospector – I cannot imagine working without Prospector.

Gina Migliore, VP and Chief Operating Officer | Priority Pension Services, Inc. (AFI)

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