EIN Finder’s IRS Match score gives you a clear indication of our confidence that a name or DBA name is legally recognized

IRS-Verified EINs

Each year, we check every EIN in our system using the IRS TIN matching program to verify that each is matched with the correct company name. EIN Finder’s IRS Match score gives you a clear indication of our confidence that a name or DBA name is legally recognized. EIN finder is the perfect tool to give you assurance that the data you’re getting is the data you need.

More Records

With over 9.5 million EIN records, EIN Finder is the most exhaustive compendium of EIN data outside of the government. Because one of our key data sources is a list of businesses with a 401(k) plan, our database features the vast majority of established U.S. companies.

Pinpoint the Correct EIN

EIN Finder’s robust set of features is engineered to make sure your search ends with the right data in your hands. While it’s true that EINs are fantastic identifiers for data warehousing and management, many large companies utilize multiple tax IDs due to factors such as mergers and acquisitions and multiple business locations. With EIN Finder’s reverse-lookup capability and rigorous verification, you’ll know at a glance whether an EIN is a company’s primary ID or an ancillary one.

Data Empowered

The breadth of EIN Finder’s data is just the beginning. Along with its comprehensive listings of EINs, company and DBA names, addresses, and phone numbers, EIN Finder features a front-end tool, a system that allows you to submit information for us to match, and a licensing option that lets customers warehouse our data directly. EIN Finder offers a variety of different options to engage with the data, empowering you to get the most out of your search.

Auditor verifies the accuracy of EIN and DBA information

I work for Chubb Insurance and my department is responsible for commercial auto in our company. The EIN is often needed for issuance of our auto policies or ID cards. Your website makes it so simple to obtain. You just type in the name of the insured and hit “search.” I have found it to be very useful and a time saver!

Debbie Talarico, Commercial Auto Specialist/ROC | Chubb Group of Insurance Companies

The EIN Finder database was most helpful in locating EINs for charitable contributions that several of my clients had made to 501(c)3 qualified charities. I hope to use this database in future as need arises.

 Warren Goldman, CPA

We are a company that uses this site on a daily basis. It is very helpful [to our business]. IRS numbers and addresses are essential to our daily job performance. We thank you for EIN Finder.

Jennifer Porritt, Release Agent |Norman G Jensen

I work for a large banking company that serves as trustee for over 2000 Defined Contribution plans, and as part of my duties here, I complete many Form 5500 filings. Some of those are newly converted plans, where we did not complete their 5500s in previous years. If these clients fail to send us copies of prior years’ returns, the freeERISA.com site has been a lifesaver. Especially in cases where they may have changed their name, or if there were plan mergers upon conversion, the site’s EIN Finder comes in really handy in tracking down those plans. It’s a great feature, keep it on there!

Kris Hargesheimer, Compliance Specialist | Wells Fargo ITS

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