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Current, Carefully Prepared Data

The Directory of Self-Funded Group Plans is the only tool that scrubs and normalizes Department of Labor data to guarantee the purest and most current results. Both the plan data and contact names in our system are updated every month, just days after they’re released by the Department of Labor.  No one else gives you the ability to target self-funded plans with such precision.

Tailored to You So You Can Tailor Yourself to Clients

Leverage the deep insights that our database provides to mold your pitches to perfectly suit target clients. From impressively detailed plan reports to in-depth information on plan fees and expenses, we empower you with everything you need to win new business.

Outmaneuver Your Competition

Strategically position yourself to win clients from competitors by crafting an approach that competes on fees, value, and service. It all starts with our rigorous data cleansing process—which sets the perfect stage to search for and analyze plans serviced by competing brokers, carriers, or other providers. What’s more, our graphical timelines, underpinned by our unparalleled repository of data, are the best quick reference guide to the strength of a plan’s relationship with its carriers and providers.

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Turn Patterns Into Profit

Find plans that have key metrics in common with your most profitable clients. Identify patterns in the number of participants, industry, location and voluntary benefits offered, and capitalize on them to expand your client base. Take advantage of our unmatched historical data and delve into the long-term context in which plan decision-makers are operating, tailoring your pitch to their individual needs.

Get started with the Directory of Self-Funded Group Plans

Find out if the Directory of Self-Funded Group Plans is the right solution for your team’s self-funded lead generation and plan analysis needs.

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