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Broker and Advisor Behavior Patterns

Compass can be used as a tool to identify which brokers and advisers are recommending which mutual funds. Judy Diamond compiles and normalizes data from thousands of source documents to give you the clearest picture possible. With a well-vetted and trusted view of broker and adviser patterns, you get both the big picture and a competitive edge in the market.

Determine Market Share

Compass is a potent add-on module for Retirement Plan Prospector that enriches your user experience with access to hard-to-find Schedule of Assets data. With Compass, you have the ability to determine the market share of any individual fund or fund family from the comfort of the familiar and user-friendly Prospector interface. It’s the perfect way to get the lay the lay of the land and size up major competitors in your market.

Quality and Affordability

Compass is a top-tier resource of mutual fund 401(k) filing data that doesn’t compromise on quality or rigor. While its quality stands up to any competitor, Compass is the most affordable option for premium Schedule of Assets data on the market. The culmination of years of knowledge and experience, and fueled by the painstaking and dedicated work of our team of seasoned analysts, Compass is an intuitive, in-browser tool that gives you seamless access to assets data.

Mutual Fund Investment Portfolio and Market share

Long-term 401(k) Investment Trends

Our normalized data allows a sweeping view of the 401(k) space. With the benefit of this macro view, you have the ability to identify, track, and capitalize on ongoing and breaking trends. Stay one step ahead of competitors by engaging with the richest source of data available and make better investment decisions.

Get started with Compass

Find out why Compass is the essential tool for mutual fund companies and advisors looking for the richest understanding of the Defined Contribution space.

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