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Market Share for Individual Firms

BCMS allows you direct access to market share data for any broker or carrier firm. Not only does our rigorous cleansing process comb over 200,000 individual policies for relationships between carriers, brokers, and plan sponsors, it even maps connections that 5500s don’t express, giving you the most dependable market share data available. The thoroughness, power, and reliability of our BCMS process is a benchmark that is recognized as a standard in the industry—85% of the top carriers trust BCMS to locate and recruit the ideal broker.

Prospect and Recruit Brokers

BCMS is an exemplary resource for finding and comparing brokers, with detailed information on over 30,000 broker records indexed in the system. Key data on what they sell, to whom they sell, and for whom they sell can be leveraged to builder richer and more potent distribution channels.

Precisely Normalized Data

It’s common for carriers and brokers to be listed in different ways across various 5500 filings. With its rigorous focus on normalization, our strict computer-assisted matching process eliminates variance and corrals alternate names under one umbrella. We eliminate the guessing games, so that what you search for is what you get.

Competitive Intelligence

In addition to the many market opportunities BCMS illuminates for brokers, they can get a sense of market share and where they stand with respect to their competitors in key areas. It’s a granular view of individual brokers that allows unprecedented insight into the penetration and client structure of competitor firms.

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