Retirerment Account Statement, close up of a 401(k) statement.

Useful Industry Data

The report’s well-organized tables give you key median figures at a glance, based both on industry and number of participants. Benchmarking a specific plan is as easy as picking out a single row on a table. Each table includes industry medians for account balance, total plan assets, participation rate, employee and employer contributions, rate of return, and employee longevity, all sorted by eight different size groups. For quick reference, tables also include Retirement Plan Prospector’s handy plan score.

Pinpoint Strengths and Weaknesses

Whether you’re intent on bolstering your relationship with a client or trying to forge a new one, the 401(k) Benchmark Report is a simple yet effective tool for identifying strengths and weaknesses in any given plan. Enter every client discussion with the confidence that you have the best data on your side.

Deep Insight, Simply Presented

This report comprises benchmarking of over half a million 401(k) plans across 28 discrete industry subgroups. Data is laid out cleanly in table format for maximal accessibility and presentability, and each table is preceded by commentary from the analysts who compiled the data, giving further context and coloring to the research. Pleasing to the eye and unmatched in its depth and rigor, our 401(k) report is at the vanguard of plan intelligence.

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The Macro View

The 401(k) Benchmark Report’s usefulness isn’t limited to targeted intelligence; its data also gives you a powerful macro view of industry subgroups as a whole. Single out performance issues for an industry’s plans, and tailor your approach to address those specific weaknesses.

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For the ultimate edge in prospecting, use your Judy Diamond subscription in conjunction with this report to deliver a unique and compelling presentation.

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