ALM is setting a new direction for research with the release of its newest product, ALM Intelligence Pacesetter Research. Pacesetter Research takes a platform view of the two-sided market for professional services, providing objective assessments of service providers and insightful viewpoints on demand trends that help buyers evaluate their options and providers identify business opportunities and threats. The research reports feature insightful analysis on each of the segment leaders, which are nominated by the Pacesetter Advisory Council, which is composed of buy-side professionals and experts from throughout each industry.

What is an ALM Intelligence Pacesetter?


ALM Intelligence Pacesetters are selected from the set of Market Leaders based on qualitative and quantitative analysis that determines whether the Provider is “moving the needle” to create value for clients by solving clients’ challenges and supporting their business needs. ALM Pacesetters are identified and evaluated using 5 core criteria.

How Are Pacesetters Identified?

The ALM Intelligence Pacesetter Research Advisory Council (PAC), comprised of internal ALM experts, intelligence analysts, and external market professionals, identify Market Leaders that will be covered in the research topic from a larger group of providers that members have identified in the normal course of their work

    The ALM Pacesetter Team within ALM Intelligence conducts primary and secondary research:

    • Primary research includes in-depth interviews with practice leaders at the provider firms covered in the research; satisfaction interviews with clients referred by those providers; and in-depth interviews with thought leaders, recruiting professionals, and other sources

    • Secondary research includes data gathered from annual reports and earnings calls, management presentations, public filings, case studies, press releases, journals and publications, online information databases and other publicly available resources

  • ALM Pacesetter analysts evaluate and score the Market Leaders against five core criteria, Business Model, Value Proposition, Service Delivery, Client Impact, and Brand Eminence

  • Market Leaders that achieve a Pacesetter Impact Score equal to or over 85 are designated as ALM Pacesetters

Who Should Read Pacesetter Research?

ALM Pacesetters provides independent, objective research to providers and buyers of professionals services, coupled with practical insights that inform the decision-making process for strategic planning and procurement professionals.

Sell-side Audience
  • Practice Leaders
  • Analyst Relations
  • Sales, Marketing & Public Relations
  • Investor Relations
  • Ecosystem Partners
Buy-side Audience
  • C-Suite & Board
  • Business Unit Leaders
  • Procurement
  • Supply Chain Partners
  • Shareholders
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2020 & 2021 Report Titles & Descriptions

Cybersecurity Services

This report covers providers who excel at identifying and managing the portion of strategic risks associated with digitization, including threats to information assets, infrastructure, and applications

Financial Crisis Management

This report covers providers who identify and manage crisis prevention & monitoring, financial forensics investigations, disputes & litigation, and financial distress & recovery

Regulatory Risk

This reportcovers providers who identify and mange the risks incurred when changes in regulations and law adversely impact the economic value of a business

Enterprise Risk Management

This report covers providers who identify and mange risks that could prevent the fulfillment of a company’s value proposition


Workforce Management Services

This report explores how B2B service providers help clients manage their ability to source, develop, engage and retain the human resources required to thrive in the post-COVID economy

M&A Services

Covers providers who execute the acquisition of assets in line with the portfolio and capital strategy through target identification, due diligence, and integration planning services


Supply Chain

This research will examine how professional services providers are helping clients grapple with issues and the strategic, operational, technology, legal, and risk implications


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Legal Departments – Legal Operations

This research assesses providers’ strategies and service offerings identified as Market Leaders for their ability to deliver client impact in legal operations.


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2021 Themes & Topics

The theme for ALM Intelligence’s 2021 Pacesetter research schedule will be how professional services providers are helping clients in the post COVID-19 era:

  • Workforce Management Services – February
  • M&A – March
  • Supply Chains – May 
  • Legal Departments – September
  • Finance – October
  • Employee Wellbeing – November
  • Data Governance – December

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