The consulting industry is looking to adapt to a new normal, where change is constant and client demands unyielding. This webinar will provide plenty of proprietary research and analysis from our team of analysts, drawing on unparalleled data and insights.

  • What is the size and growth rates for consulting globally and by region?
  • What’s the future of consulting?
  • What will the profession look like in the next decade?
  • How are client expectations changing the game?
  • What will a successful firm look like in 2020?

Big questions, for sure. But that’s what the ALM Intelligence analyst team has always set out to do—answer the tough questions and big challenges facing the profession.

Join Tom Rodenhauser, VP, ALM Intelligence, and a select group of senior analysts for this interactive session as the group provides a roadmap to the industry’s future.

Featured Speakers include:

  • MODERATOR: Tom Rodenhauser, VP, ALM Intelligence
  • Lasse Pitkaeniemi, Director, Data & Production, ALM Intelligence, Consulting
  • Nathan Simon, Sr Director Research, ALM Intelligence, Consulting
  • Liz DeVito, Associate Director, Research, ALM Intelligence, Consulting
  • Naima Hoque Essing, Sr Analyst, ALM Intelligence, Consulting
  • Matthew Merker, Sr Analyst, ALM Intelligence, Consulting
  • Tomek Jankowski, Sr Analyst, ALM Intelligence, Consulting
  • Laura Becker, Analyst, ALM Intelligence, Consulting

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Speaker Spotlight

Headshot of Tom Rodenhauser VP of Intelligence & Advisory, ALM Intelligence