We have launched our newest product, ALM Intelligence Pacesetter Research, and invited law firm marketing and communications professionals to join us as we provide a brief overview of the research and discuss the recent reports we will be releasing this week: Cybersecurity Services and Financial Crisis Management.

ALM Intelligence Pacesetter Research (APR) will explore the shifting dynamics which characterize the provision and sourcing of professional services in today’s rapidly changing economy and regulatory environment. APR provides independent, objective research to providers and buyers of professional services, coupled with practical insights that inform the decision-making process for strategic planning and procurement professionals.

Organizations included in APR research reports are identified and selected by a panel of experts, including General Counsel, procurement, external professionals, and academics in addition to internal ALM representatives.

This is not a pay-for-play or vanity research project. This is an evolution of the Kennedy Consulting / ALM Consulting Intelligence Vanguard Research model, which focused almost exclusively on traditional consultancies & financial advisory services. We look forward to having you join us!

Speakers include:
Patrick Fuller, VP of ALM Intelligence
Tomek Jankowski, Lead Analyst, ALM Intelligence Pacesetter Research
Elizabeth DeVito, Lead Analyst, ALM Intelligence Pacesetter Research
Jeanne Graham, Senior Research Manager, ALM Intelligence
James Doyle, Strategic Accounts Manager, ALM Intelligence