Litigation is on track to cost American companies over $22B in fees and costs this year, a number that has been on an upward trend for three years in a row.

Enter litigation finance. A rapidly growing corporate finance solution to help companies of all sizes manage the risk and cost of litigation whether a company has a single case or many, affirmative or defense.

Watch this webinar to:
· Find out why 99% of corporate counsel who have used litigation finance report they would use it again
· Understand why 60% of in-house counsel who have not yet used funding plan to do so
· And hear from leading industry practitioners about what lies on the road ahead

Speakers Include:
– Charles M. Agee, Managing Partner, Westfleet Advisors
– David J. Kerstein, Chief Risk Officer & Senior Investment Manager, Validity Finance
– Steve Kovalan, Director of Legal Research, ALM Intelligence

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