The Am Law 200 rankings paint a much different picture of the health of that market segment as compared to the financial success of the first 100 highest-grossing law firms in the United States. The list saw more volatility when it came to new entrants and those who dropped off due to mergers, dissolution or failing to meet the revenue cut off. But a closer look at the numbers show a lot of strong performances across the Second Hundred.

This webinar will examine what led to the shakeup, what removing those outliers does to the overall picture of the Second Hundred’s financial stability and how a certain group of firms were able to succeed in a market typically caste as trailing behind it’s Am Law 100 brethren. We will examine the business models of regional firms, what markets demonstrated strength, what practices bolstered financial metrics and what growth strategies paid off the most. All of this will be put into context for what we can expect next year across the Am Law 100 and 200 as well as what this means for the NLJ 200-500 firms. 

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