Having upended other consulting markets, starting with back-office operations, digitization is finally being felt in strategy. While the broad brushstrokes of this picture look familiar, with digitization changing both the substance and delivery of strategy consulting, the details differ. Three years ago, clients were content to spend on unproven digital applications to get ahead of the adoption curve or catch up with competitors that had beaten them to the punch. But now clients are taking stock of their digital investments and many are not happy with the bottom line. This is contributing to a new urgency to demand for strategy consulting, but buyers are much more discerning. The upshot is a significant shakeup of the nature of strategy consulting and the competitive landscape.

Join our Senior Director of Consulting Research, Nathan Simon, to learn more about how these trends are playing out in two key strategy consulting markets: business strategy & planning and portfolio & capital strategy.

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Headshot of Nathan Simon, Senior Director of Research, ALM Intelligence