Large law firms have spent the past two decades expanding into new markets at a tremendous pace. Since 2001, the United States’ largest 250 law firms by attorney headcount, known as the NLJ 250, have nearly doubled their geographic coverage – adding more than 1,400 new offices across the globe. This process has fundamentally changed the legal market in two important ways:

– It has created a group of law firms with vast scale and geographic reach.
– The impact of the expansion on local law firms has created a transformation of many regional legal markets over the past decade.

In this Webinar we’ll be analyzing data on nearly 1,500 law firm office openings over the past two decades, explaining why and how local and regional firms should prepare themselves for increased competition with national and international firms.

ALM Intelligence’s Analysts deliver actionable insights on the most critical challenges impacting the legal industry. Through rigorous analysis and interpretation of ALM’s vast proprietary data assets and deep market research, we inform and guide leaders of law firms and law departments, enabling them to proceed on the optimal path forward.

Speaker Spotlight


Headshot of Patrick Fuller Senior Director, ALM Intelligence

Patrick Fuller