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Consulting Trends: How Can Strategy Consulting Stay Relevant in a Digitized World?

Consulting | Sep - 2019

Having upended other consulting markets, starting with back-office operations, digitization is finally being felt in strategy. While the broad brushstrokes of this picture look familiar, with digitization changing both the substance and delivery o...

Litigation Finance in 2019: What Law Firms Need to Know for Clients

Legal | Sep - 2019

According to a recent report of 330 lawyers’ experiences with litigation finance, 67% of US lawyers have used or plan to use funding as a way to help manage and derisk the skyrocketing cost of litigation.

The same survey indicates mor...

Consulting Trends: How To Tackle The Differentiation Challenge in TAS

consulting | Jul - 2019

With a strong M&A market continuing into 2019, consulting providers are responding to intense competitive pressure by investing in both the depth (primarily in technology) and breadth (by adding services) to their TAS offering. This has pushed...

Consulting Trends: Driving Business Outcomes With Change Management

consulting | May - 2019

New research from ALM Consulting Intelligence finds consulting innovations transforming the design and delivery of professional services in change management. Through a combination of behavioral science, creative design, and technology, providers ...

Consulting Trends: Strategic Risk Rises to the Board Agenda

Consulting | Apr - 2019

New research from ALM Consulting Intelligence reports how the topic of risk is finally making it onto the formal agenda of boards and senior leadership. With the impact and frequency of disruption rising due to the confluence of changing geopoliti...