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Up-to-the Minute Data and Intelligence

ALM’s research and analysis provide buy and sell side stakeholders with a decisive picture of the biggest firms and deep insights into the trends and issues affecting the market as a whole. Our deeply-researched assessment of consulting firms is underpinned by our pedigree and level of access, and market-level reports are supported by the most current data, compiled by our best analysts. Our intelligence suite is an invaluable resource in making partnering decisions and consulting competitive intelligence.

Our Consulting Solutions

ALM Vanguard

Sophisticated assessment of consulting firms drawn from established relationships with C-level leadership.

ALM Forecast

Comprehensive reports on market size and growth, client behavior, and market-share leaders, organized by geography and client industry.

Consulting Benchmarks

Rigorously-researched operational metrics on compensation, fees, and operational spending.

Consulting Provider Guide

Compare consulting firms by key metrics like size and head count, and explore data by service line, client industry and more.

Consulting Compass

Create the short list or make the final decision—Consulting Compass helps you choosing the partnership that can help you tackle your toughest business challenges.

Custom Services

Our senior advisory team is ready to support you with industry-leading custom analysis and research.