Form 5500. A searchable database of ERISA filings

Data, Empowered

We’re dedicated to making data work for you. The Judy Diamond suite of databases and tools organizes and aggregates the unwieldy data in Form 5500s into an easy-to-use searchable database. With this much policy-level data at your fingertips, prospecting and conducting competitive intelligence has never been easier. In addition to making data more accessible, we produce custom research that layers our industry-leading insights directly into our tools, taking your prospecting efforts to a whole new level.

Our Benefits Solutions

Retirement Plan Prospector

The essential directory of 5500 data.
Our Red Flags and Plan Score arm retirement professionals to target new business.

American Directory of Group Insurance

Access to over 110,000 key
plan decision-makers. Find the best opportunities for new business.

Directory of Self-Funded Group Plans

The largest directory of self-funded plans, with access to key decision-makers and useful prospecting data.

Brokers & Carriers
Market Share Database

The premier database of normalized, policy-specific information organized and searchable on the carrier, broker and sponsor levels.


The most trusted Form 5500 lookup tool,
covering health, dental, life and
401(k) plans and it’s 100% free.

EIN Finder

The most comprehensive repository of more than 10 million Employer Identification Numbers, EIN Finder includes addresses, phone numbers, and reverse-lookup capability.