ALM Introduces Digital Membership for Online Readers

Company to provide digital readers access to five news stories per month, daily newsletters and discounts to ALM publications and events

NEW YORK – August 16, 2013 – ALM, a leading provider of news and business information to the legal and real estate industries, today announced that, effective August 23, 2013, they will launch a new digital membership offering for legal professionals.

These free memberships provide bundled benefits to registrants, including digital access to five news articles every 30 days from ALM’s awarding winning legal publications, discounts to ALM products and services, and complimentary access to ALM’s news alerts and newsletters. In conjunction with the launch of these digital memberships, ALM will be unlocking news stories that previously were only available to paid subscribers.

“ALM continues to accelerate the means by which legal professionals can access breaking news and information digitally, be it from a smartphone, tablet or computer,” said Jeffrey S. Litvack, chief digital officer at ALM. "With a digital membership, legal professionals can now sample our content and share it with colleagues and clients. Signing up for these new free digital member accounts is quick and simple, and only needs to be done once for all of our publications’ websites.”

According to Litvack, customers have the opportunity to upgrade from their digital membership to a paid subscription at any time, which will provide them with unlimited access to the ALM publication of their choice, plus all of the digital membership benefits.

Three “controlled circulation” ALM publications will remain free for unlimited reading online (Corporate Counsel, Law Technology News and The Asian Lawyer) and content from four “paid premium” ALM publications will continue to be accessible exclusively to those publication’s subscribers (Supreme Court Brief, Litigation Daily, New Jersey Law Journal Decision Alert and Delaware Business Court Insider). Additionally, certain premium reports and briefings will only be available to paid subscribers, including the industry benchmarking icon Am Law 100 report.

"Digital membership establishes a simple way for us to serve today's subscribers and future subscribers with the online news content they want, when and where they want it,” said Litvack. “Subscribers will now have an easier way to click through to the content they want to read and non-subscribers will have a viable option for continuing to read our award-winning journalism by viewing five free stories monthly.”

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